Epidemiologic analysis of gallbladder cancer

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Mauricio J. Linzey
Marcelo E. López Avellaneda
Germán A. Alanis
Marcelo E. Ferraro


Background: Gallbladder cancer is characterized by poor prognosis and late diagnosis.
Objective: The aim of our study is to describe the epidemiological variables of gallbladder cancer at our centre and to compare them with data from the worldwide literature.
Material and methods: Patients undergoing cholecystectomy between January 1, 2006, and December 31, 2015. The following variables were analyzed: sex, age, male to female ratio, reason for cholecystectomy, urgent or scheduled. In case of gallbladder cancer, sex, age, histopathology, cell differentiation, gallbladder layer invasion, lymphovascular, cystic lymph node, adjacent tissues and liver invasion; and cancer staging according to Nevin staging system and the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC).
Results: Ninety-two gallbladder neoplasms were found, representing 1.26% of all cholecystectomies. Mean age of patients with gallbladder cancer was 57.9 years (range, 22-88 years) of whom 69.5% (n=64) were women, with the same female to men ratio of 2:1 described for cholecystectomy. The histopathology of the 92 gallbladder cancers corresponded to adenocarcinoma, 93.4% (n= 86); squamous cell carcinoma, 4.4% (n= 4); and undifferentiated malignancy with elements of epithelial and mesenchymal origin, 2.2% (n= 2). There were two cases of adenocarcinoma with squamous metaplasia, two mucinous carcinomas, one papillary adenocarcinoma and one case of antral-type and intestinal metaplasia. Sixty tumors (65.4%) were moderately differentiated; 12 (13%) well differentiated; 11 (11.9%) poorly differentiated; and 4 (4.3%) were undifferentiated. In 5 cases (5.4%) the type of differentiation was not described.
Conclusion: In gallbladder cancer diagnosed after a cholecystectomy, it is more frequent in the female sex, with adenocarcinoma being the most common histological type. Interestingly, the number of young patients with gallbladder cancer is noteworthy.


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