Editorial process

Preliminary review to enter the article (from 1 to 15 days): When an article enters the journal, it is reviewed that it complies with the basic formal points detailed in the Publication Regulations. In case of failure to comply with any item, the corresponding author is notified within 15 days of receipt.

Editorial Committee Review (meetings are held once a month): Once the article has completed the preliminary review, the Executive Committee will review the articles received in the month, in order to determine if it meets structural conditions and content for peer review. If compliant, reviewers are appointed based on specialty. If it does not comply, the author is notified of the steps to follow to continue with the evaluation process or its eventual rejection.

Peer review: Once the formal and content requirements are met, the article is submitted to external peer review. When the article is sent to the reviewers, they have a maximum of 7 days to respond whether or not they will carry out the review; if accepted, they have a period of 15 days to send it completed.

Appointed reviewers are external and honorary, and their work is essential to meet publication quality standards. The review is double-blind, which means that the reviewers will not be sent information about the authors. Likewise, the identity of the reviewers is safeguarded.

If the reviewer does not submit the evaluation within the stipulated time and the deadline has expired, new reviewers will be appointed. This can affect anticipated editorial times.

Once the evaluations of the reviewers are received, they are entered for the agenda of the next meeting of the Editorial Board, which will analyze and record them to notify the authors.

In case of controversy between the reviewers of the same work, the Board may send new reviewers to reevaluate the work.

In the evaluation, the reviewers assign a score of 0-100 and decide whether they are acceptable in their original state, with major changes, with minor changes, or if they are rejected. The final decision is made by the Editorial Board based on the opinion of the external reviewers.

Approved papers: The editorial deadlines for the publication of an approved article may vary according to the number of articles received in the period for each category (original articles, scientific letters, short communications, etc.). The estimated time is 6 months.

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