Mesh migration: a fearsome complication

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Bárbara G. Lambré
Matías G. Espín
Leonardo Pérez Monteleone
Risté Federico
Dante E. Abbate


Mesh migration with subsequent infection years after incisional hernia repair is an uncommon and dangerous complication. Mesh migration produces an inflammatory foreign body reaction and can cause bowel obstruction, bowel perforation or chronic abdominal pain. Only four cases have been reported in the international literature, one of them with bowel involvement. We report a case of an inflammatory tumor containing polypropylene traces adhered to the abdominal wall. The aim of this scientific letter is to report a rare complication, emphasizing the most relevant aspects about its management, recommendations, and the relevance of a multidisciplinary approach.


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Lambré, B. G., Espín, M. G., Pérez Monteleone, L., Federico, R., & Abbate, D. E. (2021). Mesh migration: a fearsome complication. Revista Argentina De Cirugía, 112(3), 343–347. (Original work published March 19, 2021)
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