Simultaneous laparoscopic approach for colon cancer and liver metastases

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Rafael J. Maurette
Marcos D. García Ejarque
Hernán Ruíz
Mariano L. Bregante
Diego J. Bogetti
Mariano Cillo
Diego Estefanía
Fernando G. Bugallo
Juan C. Patrón Uriburu
Carlos R. Tyrrell
Mario C. Salomón
Daniel E. Pirchi


Background: In patients with colorectal cancer with synchronous liver metastases (CLM), complete resection of the primary tumor with the metastases is the only option for curative treatment. Several case series have been reported but no randomized controlled trials have been published.
Objective: The aim was to evaluate if the simultaneous laparoscopic resection of the primary colon tumor and liver metastases is feasible and safe.
Material and methods: A retrospective study was conducted with patients with suspected CLM sche- duled for simultaneous laparoscopic resection of the primary tumor of the colon and liver metastases. The preoperative and operative variables, short- and long-term outcomes and pathological variables were analyzed.
Results: A total of 89 laparoscopic liver resections (LLR) were performed during the study period. In 28 patients, LLR was simultaneous with other procedures, 21 of which corresponded to laparoscopic colon resection. Mean surgical time for both procedures was 407 minutes. Mean hospital length of stay was 8 days. None of the patients died and overall morbidity rate was 71% with only one major complication. Overall survival and relapse-free survival at three years was 55.2% and 16.3%, respectively.
Conclusion: This is the first publication analyzing this approach in our country. In well selected cases, the simultaneous laparoscopic approach is feasible, with low morbidity and mortality and acceptable 
oncological results.


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Maurette, R. J., García Ejarque, M. D., Ruíz, H., Bregante, M. L., Bogetti, D. J., Cillo, M., Estefanía, D., Bugallo, F. G., Patrón Uriburu, J. C., Tyrrell, C. R., Salomón, M. C., & Pirchi, D. E. (2021). Simultaneous laparoscopic approach for colon cancer and liver metastases. Revista Argentina De Cirugía, 111(4), 245–267. Retrieved from
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